Did The South Lose The Civil War Essay

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Did the south really lose? Civil War in the marvel comics gave us comic book readers an out of the ordinary view at what can happen when two sides of the same coin begin to clash. Not unlike that storyline, that featured Tony Stark (Iron Man) and his army pitted against Steve Rogers (Captain America) and his army, the United States also had an equally damaging civil war which placed the North with General Grant going head on with the South’s General Lee. While in the Marvel Comic book Captain America, like General Lee, surrenders eventually; Captain America is shot and killed and the storyline ends there. We do not get to see how the losing side coped with it all. However, in real life, we do get so see how the South handled losing the American civil war to the north. Seeing how the loss was handled by the south it really leaves the question if they actually truly lost. My answer to that is simple. The south did not actually truly lose the Civil War.…show more content…
The culture in the south after the civil war remained almost entirely intact. People still did not want to give up their slaves right away. Fast forward into the future a bit and sharecropping comes into the picture. This type of cropping allowed for a keeping of the culture with even more added benefits to what can still be considered slavery of sorts. Not only were land owners in the south “keeping their slaves”, but they were still creating a profit off of it. The culture did not change. White landowners still had Black workers “slaving” over their land. If Black people were still slaving away at their “landlords” orders then were the Freedmen actually free

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