Importance Of Starbucks At Graha Pena

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Introduction Starbucks is one of the famous coffee shops in the world. It has opened 17.000 coffeehouse chains all over the world. In 1971, Starbucks opened its first coffee shop at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Purpose and Scope The purpose of this report is to introduce Starbucks to everyone. In this report, we will focus on the six topics: the price of the food and beverage, the atmosphere of the place, the decoration, the concept of Starbucks, the location of the Starbucks that we choose, and the brand that Starbucks has. Assumption My recommendation of Starbucks at Graha Pena are based on the assumption that reason why Starbucks at Graha Pena has the most strategic place in Surabaya. Methods My information for this report comes from…show more content…
In 1991, Starbucks opened its first licensed coffee shop at Sea-Tac international Airport, Seattle. Next, Starbucks started to serve Frappuccino, blended coffee and so ice cream. In 1996, Starbucks finally opened its chain outside United Stated in Japan and Singapore. It continues to expand its coffee shop until now. Why Starbucks is famous? Yes, Starbucks does serve coffee but it is the first one that serves coffee which is mixed with cream or syrup that makes the beverage tastes sweet. Everyone that doesn’t like the bitterness of coffee will like coffee once they taste Starbucks. It also serves low sugar and fat beverages for those who can’t consume a lot of sugar and fat. Hence, everyone can go to Starbucks without any worry. Starbucks is the most foremost coffee shop in Indonesia. It has opened numerous of coffeehouse chains in Surabaya. The most strategic place that Starbucks has opened in Surabaya is the one in the Graha Pena which is on the border of Ahmad Yani…show more content…
Hence, Starbucks provide add-ons that can complete your drink. For the milk, people can choose between soy milk, low fat milk, and the usual milk. It depends on the customer preference and needs. Furthermore, there are few sauces and syrups that can be added to your beverages. Some of the sauce and syrups are chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, vanilla syrups, mocha, peppermint sauce and hazelnut sauce. Of course the price of each add-ons is different. Starbucks cup are differentiate into three categories, which are tall (small size), grande (medium size), and venti (large size). Starbucks is a nice and comfortable place to rest. It is designed to be as cozy as possible to make the customers feels at home. In every corner of the Starbucks, we can smell the aroma of the coffee from the coffee-making because the smell of coffee makes our mind relax. So, it will assist us to have a better rest. Usually, people in Starbucks are quiet even in the hectic hours even though there are a few people having conversation. Starbucks will always play jazz or slow music to support the customer’s

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