The Little Mermaid Comparison

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For my literary analysis I read Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, and watched Disney's The Little Mermaid. I felt these stories had more differences than similarities. Where Hans Christian Andersen focused more on the consequences of becoming human, the movie focused on Ariel winning the prince over. While reading this story I took note of the fact that even though The Little Mermaid was normal, in the end she still didn't get what made her happy. The movie on the other hand gave Ariel everything she wanted along the way for conforming to normalities of the world above the sea. Though the movie is a nice fantasy I feel the story is more important simply because it doesn’t encourage conformity. Though The Little Mermaid is a cute,…show more content…
He told her not to got to the surface again, something she had been told numerous times not to do. Ariel’s curiosity got the better of her later on and she returned to the surface as she saw a ship sail by overhead. Disobeying her father she swam to the surface and got her first glance of the Prince. Out of nowhere a storm blew in, and began rocking the ship. The ship was soon torn to pieces by the heavy winds, and the Prince was taken down with it. All this happened before Ariel eyes. As she saw the Prince sinking she went to rescue him, and return him to the surface. After returning him to the surface, Ariel descended back to the bottom of the ocean. After noticing some different behavior King Triton unintentionally tricked Sebastian into admitting Ariel had been to the surface. He was furious with Ariel not just for returning to the surface, but for rescuing the human. Ariel tried to argue with her father that she was saving the humans life, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Contact between the humans and the mer-people was strictly forbidden. Without thinking…show more content…
They convinced Ariel to go see the sea witch, so she could make Ariel a human. When Ariel heard this she felt there was nothing else she could do, there was nothing she wanted more than to be human. So Ariel followed Ursula’s pets back to her lair. Once Ariel arrived, and asked the sea witch to turn her into the human Ursula was more than happy to oblige, but she had a few requirements. The sea witch gave Ariel 3 days for the prince to fall in love with her, and give her a kiss of true love. If this didn’t happen within three days Ariel would be turned back into a mermaid and would belong to the sea witch. On top of all that Ariel also had to do it without her voice. Once Ariel became human she washed up on shore and found her seagull friend, who helped her find some torn fabric to use as clothing. Ariel was soon found by Prince Eric who was excited at the thought that she might be the girl who saved him. He was dejected when he found out that she didn’t have a voice and was sure she couldn't be the girl he was looking for. Despite his disappointment he took her back to his castle so she could clean up. Once they arrived at Prince Eric's castle a bath was prepared for Ariel, her rags were thrown out and she was given a new

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