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Nolan Pierce Mr. Raynes English 101 9-19-15 Ohio University Athens is the county seat of, Athens county, Ohio. The first settlers came into Athens in 1797. When the first settlers came, they had no intentions to build a city until more settlers arrived in 1798. It wasn’t until 1803 when Ohio was established as a state (Athens 1). On February 18, 1804, the Ohio General Assembly got together and discussed an act which established “The Ohio University”. Ohio University opened up in 1808 and was a very small school at the time. The university consisted of one building, three students, and one professor, Jacob Lindley (Athens 2). Ohio University’s official color is green and white. These colors can date back clear to 1896. Before 1896, the University's colors were blue and white. It soon became clear that no one thought these colors would be fit for the new football team to wear. Soon after, Ohio hired a new football coach, Samuel McMillen. He wanted to adopt the colors green and white. He put forth this issue in front of the student body so they could choose the colors. It then passed, and Samuel McMillen was able to have green and white as his team colors (Ohio 1). Ohio University, has…show more content…
They have set up the tuition to where the kids only pay one single fixed rate. Being an Ohio resident can really cut down on the price of the college. If you are out of state you are forced to pay the out of state tuition. This is more than what you would pay if you lived in Ohio. If you live in Ohio, tuition and fees end up being 5,774 dollars per semester. This adds up to 11,548 dollars every year. The price of a room is 3,185 dollars a semester and 6,370 dollars a year. If you purchase a meal plan, it is 2,782 dollars a semester and 5,564 dollars a year. If you pay by semester, you end up spending 11,471 dollars all together. If you chose to pay by year, it will end up being 23,482 dollars (Athens
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