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The article written in celebration of Carl Rogers 100th Anniversary. Howard begins the article with great detailed information of Rogers work and accomplishments along with personal strifes of becoming the renowned therapist he is known as today. The article gives new information on how Rogers would come to term the phrase "person centered/ client centered" as a therapy approach. Howard explains in the article that Rogers who early in his career worked in childhood development therapy and had a client that was abused but became a pyromaniac, Rogers would use the already popular theorys as a treatment only to be disappointed when the client would resume his setting fires after treatment. Rogers becomes a bit despondent and started to come up with his…show more content…
Both forms offers more to the client in terms of receiving effective and useful counseling. This article applies to what has been learned by the addition of newly read information of why Rogers would seek a more client friendly approach also that over the years the approach continues to grow, but never venturing to far from being all about the client in each session. This article strengths were that it gave a better understanding of the trial and error of many therapist and how they strive to help others. I can really appreciate how, Howard pays tribute to Rogers with such a detailed article. The article only had one limitation in my opinion, which is that is didn't offer much constrast theory's to think on. Or a note of other Psycho- therapist that made comments in celebrating the contributions made to Psychotherapy that they may use, which is a direct result of Rogers. Overall this article was a decent read, I like the history of Rogers and why he would come the conculsions that he did, about how therapy should be

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