Personal Narrative: My Adoption

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I don’t know my real birthday. I don’t know if my family didn’t want me because they wanted a boy, if they already had a child and couldn’t afford the fines imposed for having more than one child, I don’t know why I was given up for adoption, but all I know is I’m glad I was. Being adopted is who I am. I don’t remember China or anything about my life before America, but my mom has told me the story. When I was a baby given to a foster mother is the rural farmland of Southern China. I spent every moment with her. She’d hold me on my back while she worked in the fields, she’d hold me in the home because the floors were dirt and they never put a baby on the floor, and she’d sleep with me. Naturally I became very close with this woman, she was my “mother” and the center of my world. So when a strange white woman came and took me away from everything…show more content…
As the bus pulled away, my foster mother chased it down screaming and crying. I wouldn’t eat for this new woman and she became worried. After three days of no food or liquids and vomiting every time a bottle touched my lips I was becoming severely dehydrated. My new mom was a doctor and understood how critical my situation was becoming since I hadn’t urinated in two days. She knew that I wasn’t physically ill but rather grieving. The adoption agency wanted her to take me to a hospital to get an IV, but she wanted them to bring the foster mom to us to help with my transition, they refused, and I continued to refuse to eat. After days of trying to comfort me she asked if they would give me back to my foster mother. She was told that she would have to pay a monthly fee for my living expenses and school if I was sent back and she agreed. At first I thought this was harsh, to send a baby back, but I realized she was going to do it because she thought it was the right thing to do.

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