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The Jews were righteous, the Nazis were corrupt. Our entire historical view of Germany revolves around the fact this one single 'apparent' truth that has been presented to us. Very few people even consider the possibility of balanced humans, which is ironic and helps us realize that we look at people and sometimes even entire nationalities in a very cinematic style. Maus by Spiegelman has presented a very honest and unbiased view of both sides, through a Jew's perspective. He has shown us a full range of human behavior – pusillanimity and barbarity, certainly, but also intrepidness and integrity. The Nazi regime was discriminative against the Jews. Have you ever thought of the differences in this discrimination based on gender and age? Yes, it is true. Children, women, and men were all treated differently by Hitler's regime. Spiegelman has been able to shed light on this and many other lesser known facts of Germany, especially of the concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau. Abstract: The book provides with two biographies- one of Spiegelman himself and the other of Vladek, his father. His father was a Jewish survivor of the holocaust and the Second World War. Art…show more content…
The word comic comes from the Greek word: “κωμικός, kōmikos" that means “pertaining to comedy". To associate this with the Holocaust has been severely looked down upon. Some were also offended by the animal metaphors used. They felt that the Jews were being stripped of their identity once again. Some have said that the use of the animal metaphors has reinstated already prevalent stereotypes. The Poles have found the content extremely disturbing as they are portrayed as pigs. It is a huge insult as pigs are looked as unclean by Jewish culture, and the book was written from a Jewish perspective. He has often said that the Poles helped the Jews for selfish purposes only. Others have said that the book is insensitive, extremely graphic, and

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