Descriptive Essay: Weightlifting

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As I walked into the room full of strong, motivated and ambitious weightlifters I knew that this was a place where I could feel at ease in. The sound of growls and grunts could echo through the entire room while supplemented by cheers from the enthusiastic crowd chanting each weightlifter’s names. The whole room shakes with thunderous cheers that bellows throughout the entire area whenever a weightlifter attempts a lift. The sound of iron weights clang against each other on the Olympic bars during each movement and you could even hear the thud of the bar as it gets dropped onto a person’s chest while bench pressing. This is an environment where I could call my home away from home. Deadlifts. Squats. Bench press. These are the main lifts for…show more content…
I know it is stigmatized that weightlifting isn’t a sport, but those naysayers only say that because they’ve never actually been to one of the competitions before. There are plenty of people in the crowd who used to feel like that way, heck I used to feel like that way too before I picked up lifting weights and just absolutely fell in love with it ever since. “CLEAR” the judge proclaims as Arnold completes his rep “four-hundred-fifty pounds”. Hearing his weight, I know that it is possible for me to do it as well. For the past year, I’ve been rigorously training for this event. I would wake up even before the birds started chirping and before any rooster start crowing. My daily routine looked robotic and set in stone, never deviating from my blueprint to conquering the lift meet. Many people say that weightlifting is for monsters, I hope that I have become one of those monsters. “Next up, Schwarzenegger” the emcee yells. My friends and family are in the crowd leaping and frantically waving at me with the rest of the crowd welcoming my entrance with applause. I couldn’t really hear them from how focused I am but I know that they are all cheering for

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