October Sky Analysis

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The story of October Sky is a great, heartwarming, heart wrenching, but inspirational story of a group of young men who want to build rockets! Sonny, O’Dell, Roy Lee, Sherman, Quinten and Billy all get together to become rocketeers. Homer Hickam Sr. does not like this. Elsie, his mother, on the other hand loves it. Jim is sonny’s older brother. Dorothy is supposedly Sonny’s one true love. FAMILY) “Your father always has to be the big hero. I swear if he dies I won't shed a tear.” (Quotation) The basic foundation of this novel is family. Sonny tries to impress his father throughout the novel. Why would he want to impress is father you ask? Sonny wants to because his older brother Jim has a way out of Coalwood, Sonny, on the other hand, doesn’t. Sonny realizes what he wants to do is build rockets after he sees that the sputnik (Russian Rocket) was launched into space. His father doesn’t really see a point with this shenanigans. Elsie loves the idea! She wants Sonny to have a fair chance to get out of Coalwood like Jim. In the end the Hickam family came together. Homer launched the final rocket. He was amazed by how much work the boys have put into rockets. “You know, it, uh, won't fly unless somebody lights it. It's yours, if…show more content…
Sonny had the hots for a girl named Dorothy. Dorothy was his age, she also lived in the town of War. His friend Emily Sue, also good friends with Dorothy, told Sonny that he should just stop drooling over her it was never going to happen. Then there was Valentine. She would hug and lean all over Sonny. She also said she wanted to make out with him. At the dugout dance Jim took Dorothy. That did not make Sonny happy at all. Valentine came up to Sonny and took him out to Bucks truck. Things got a little heated between Valentine and Sonny. “All of the sudden I felt sorry for buck.” One girl leaves, another
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