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Persian Wars Timeline 560BCE - Asia Minor and Lydia - In Lydia, Croesus ascends to the throne after his father Alyattes dies, and subsequently starts to attack the Greek poleis of Asia Minor, starting with, according to Herodotus, Ephesus. 544BCE - Persians in Lydia - According to R. Sealey, the Persians successfully take over Lydia and the Greek poleis of Asia Minor in 544BCE. 514BCE - Scythian Expedition - This is the date that R. Sealey gives for the invasion of Scythia, led by Darius I. “After the capture of Babylon Darius invaded Scythia. The Scythians, having on a previous occasion invaded and conquered Media, had begun the wrongdoing and Darius, having an immense revenue in money and an unlimited number of men to draw upon in his…show more content…
Themistocles also becomes archon in Athens, or at least this is the date that Tom Holland gives us. 491BCE - Demand for earth and water - Darius I sends his ambassadors to various poleis across Greece, demanding earth and water as tribute to the Persian Empire. Most, particularly north of the Peloponnesian peninsula, aligned themselves with the Persians. Herodotus points out Aegina as one of the main Greek poleis to submit to the Persians. However, Athens and Sparta declined to pay tribute, putting the ambassadors to death. 490BCE - Invasion and Battle of Marathon - The Persians decide to invade Greece, and come into conflict with Athens and Plataea at Marathon. Pheidippides, or so Herodotus tells us, is sent to Sparta to request Spartan aid, however, the Spartans refused. The battle ends in a Athenian and Plataean victory. Pheidippides is sent to Athens to share this news. 486BCE - Darius I dies and Xerxes I succeeds the Persian throne. “After his death the crown passed to his son Xerxes.” (Hdt. 7.4 (trans. De…show more content…
7.144 (trans. De Sélincourt)). Themistocles manages to persuade the Athenians to use the money gained from the rich vein of silver at the Laurium Mines found the previous year to invest in a large naval force. 481BCE - Conference of the Greeks - The Greeks meet at Sparta to discuss the impending invasion of The Persians under the control of Xerxes I, deciding to unite together against the threat. A peace was also brokered between Aegina and Athens. At the conference, it was also decided to send spies to Sardis to infiltrate The Persian camp: “Having learnt that Xerxes and his army had reached Sardis, they next resolved to send spies into Asia to get information about the Persian forces” (Hdt. 7.145 (trans. De

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