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The movie October Sky (1999) and is based on a true story about a young man named Homer Hickam who gets inspired to build his own rocket after seeing the passage of Sputnik I over the United States in October 1957. Homer Hickam lives in Coalwood, West Virginia. Coalwood is in a small town and the main activity is coal mining. John Hickham is a coal miner and he expects his two sons, Jim and Homer, to follow in his footsteps and become coal miners too. On 4 October 1957 the Russians start The Space Race by launching Sputnik I. All the town's residents are outside and witness the passing of the Russian artificial satellite over the United States. Soon after that, Homer starts dreaming about launching rockets and he builds his first prototype.…show more content…
The boys ask Ike Bykovsky to help them and he does it because he is likes to help. Ike works for the mine but he works with steel and he knows how to weld. He is a Russian man and he appreciates the boys for their courage to stand up and fight against their destiny as future coal miners. One day, the whole town gathers to witness the launch of the AUK 1, the first rocket that hopefully will manage to fly. The rocket proves to be a real success and Homer is interviewed by the local press. Unfortunately, Homer and his friends are also accused of starting a fire and arrested. The police officer tells them that they found one of their rockets near the starting place of a fire so they have to stop testing rockets or go to prison. The same night, John Hickham tries to save Ike Bykovsky from an accident and he gets himself injured. Ike dies in the accident. John can't work because of his injuries and one of his boys must step up and take his place or they risk losing their house which is owned by the company. Homer's brother, Jim, has a football scholarship so he can't replace his father. Homer takes the job and he becomes a

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