What Role Does Plea Bargaining Play In The Criminal Justice System

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In the American criminal justice system three main components of law enforcement, courts, and corrections each play a significant role in the process of creating a safer society for all that live in it. All components work together towards seeking justice for victims of crimes and those who are innocent. In particular, the component of courts takes part in determining a defendant’s guilt and sentencing after conviction. Once law enforcement investigates crimes and makes an arrest, a court case is created to determine guilt of the accused through trial, or more commonly through plea bargaining. Over 90% of court cases are settled through plea bargaining, where negotiating an agreement between the prosecution and defense results in reduced charges…show more content…
If a defendant is guilty they receive a good deal in acquiring less serious charges or reduced sentences. Giving an admission of guilt, the defendant receives less harsh punishments or is given a different range of possibilities that differ from those they would have received in a trial. Less serious crimes can also be put on their record and allow them the chance at rehabilitation after serving their sentence. By taking a guilty plea as opposed to going to trial, a defendant has the freedom of choice to determine the outcome. This process of plea bargaining removes the uncertainty of a case for a defendant and lets them know for certain their punishment. Instead of having to wonder about the outcome, a defendant negotiates a satisfactory deal. By wavering his or her right to trial, the defendant saves time and money by not having to hire a lawyer or taking part in a trial that may not even result in their favor. By reducing their charges or sentences, plea bargaining in this way helps create a better society by allowing convicted people to have less stigmatization placed on them after sentencing; the less stigmatized they are for their crimes, the greater chance at rehabilitation. Plea bargaining also affects the corrections and

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