Occupational Therapy Personal Statement

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Throughout my life, I have had a desire to help people to become independent and to function at their highest possible level. Because of my love of science and technology, I naturally gravitated toward wanting to be a part of the medical field. I started to explore the different types of therapy when I was a freshman. My interest in occupational therapy began when I attended a meeting for Pre-Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Club in the fall of my sophomore year at Ohio State. The club hosted a medical equipment workshop, which gave an overview of some of the common technology used both for mobility and activities of daily living. I quickly became fascinated with how a simple tool could make a huge impact in someone's daily life. My interest in occupational therapy continued to grow as I completed my first set of observation hours later that year with a therapist in acute care at Ohio State University Hospital East. In this setting, the therapist that I was with treated a large number of patients who had been hospitalized for many reasons, including stroke, post operative care, and falls. She took the time to explain how each individual was able to…show more content…
Through my undergraduate coursework, I have learned about the importance of implementing evidence based practices into all areas of the medical field. I know how to judge the validity of past research, and believe that I will be able to make well grounded decisions when it comes to using new methods of treatment. It is important for a therapist to continually educate themselves throughout their career. I am eager to evaluate and use new methods that may be beneficial for the people that I work with. While older methods of treatment are still useful and can improve an individual's condition, I am confident that following current research is important for anyone in the medical

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