Civic Health Assessment Report

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Joshua Stroh Associate Dean Vike POLS-265 6th October, 2015 Civic Health Assessment Report There are different views on the condition of civil health in the United States. The facts lead some to say we are in a crisis that needs to be solved before a catastrophe happens, but others merely think that there isn’t a problem there is just a change in the way we all are involved. There may be reasons for both arguments. The truth is that facts show that the younger citizens aren’t as civically engaged as the older generations. The millennial age group (18-29) is affected by many different things when it comes to civic health, but overall they are down especially compare to the baby boomers. First aspect of civic health is Social Cohesion. Social…show more content…
This can include, but not limited to visiting pubic officials, group membership, leadership in committee or other organizations, and voting. Figure 7 from Reference 1 shows how low millennial citizen’s participation in this area of civic health is compared to older generations. It also has the effects of parenthood and marriage on involvement. The figure allows for the conclusion that if you are married and have kids you will be most involved, but the opposite of no kids and not married isn’t the lowest number of involvement. The lowest is not married and kids. This could be true do to the hardships and responsibilities of single parents. They have potentially less time because of their lack of support from a spouse. This is also the case for parents with children that are married they have more time with the support of a spouse and also the interest to be involved do to the fact that they have…show more content…
The only exception being that they are more involved in community engagement such as volunteering. Is this cause for alarm? Figure 1 from Reference 1 shows that voting numbers for millennial citizens is back up to its normal numbers. It seems that the older people get that they tend to get more involved. The main goal that should be looked at instead of making the millennial age group be more involved is get people involved younger so that as they age and intuitively get more involved the numbers will be higher because there will be more people already doing it. There is no cause for alarm just need to make the millennial’s feel like they their involvement is worth

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