Obesity In America

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Why do Americans gravitate towards food we know is unhealthy? Obesity has been a very prevalent topic in America for the past decade and one of the main contributors is fast food. We see fast food restaurants everywhere from the 7 Eleven down the street to the In-n-Out and Chipotle on our way home. Although it’s convenient, food from these restaurants is often highly processed, and full of fat, calories and sodium. Here at Parker, we are lucky to be offered an array of healthy, nutritious food everyday for lunch. However most Americans are not granted that luxury. Fast food appeals to the public because it is cheap and convenient. Nevertheless, it is low quality and high calorie which is a recipe for obesity and diseases such as high blood…show more content…
The food is full of empty calories that are filling and provide short term energy, but make you crave more food later on. This is because the empty calories cannot be processed by your body so they are just discarded and do not supply you with sustainable long term energy. Foods like sugar-sweetened beverages, dairy desserts, and fried foods are examples contain a lot of calories, but very few nutrients. Most Americans live busy, fast-paced lives. They rush activity to activity and do not have time to prepare meals. It is too convenient grab fast food on the way home from work or school. Having fast food available anywhere around us makes this very easy. Fast Food is also cheap, which appeals to many Americans. You can order a cheeseburger or soda for a dollar, and supersize items for just pennies. People see value in the low price of fast food. Restaurants compete with each other and since Americans operate under the philosophy that bigger is better, they often serve meals equal to two to four normal servings, while menus scream “supersized burgers and fries!” Fast food is high in saturated fat and sugar. Between a Big Mac, shake, and fries, you could consume 1,500 calories from just one meal at McDonald's alone. The general daily caloric recommendation for Americans is 1,500-1,800 calories. An ordinary fast food meal every day can lead to increased risk for weight gain and heart

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