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The “Visions and Values” exhibit at the Skirball Center features one of the world’s largest collections of Jewish history, chronicling both the tribulations and accomplishments of Jews, spanning over 4,000 years. This essay will focus on only two items, in the interest of time and significance: a Chair of Elijah, 1803, and a 19th century shofar. Each item has religious customs and values attached to it that are beautiful and representative of the Jewish faith and traditions. The Chair of Elijah sits in the open, slightly raised above ground, with only a thin, red rope draped over it to signify to visitors that this is for display only and not to be sat on. It is pushed against the wall but can otherwise be seen from three sides. The chair is more like a love seat and, indeed, it is built for two: carved from wood and etched with Hebrew letters, the Chair of Elijah is designed to have one space for the person holding an infant during a bris (circumcision) and the second space for Elijah. Elijah is one of the prophets described in the Tanakh as the messenger of the covenant, traditionally…show more content…
Just as the United States emerged as an independent nation, colonial Jews began to break from ties of the past and entered into a new era, surging out of the confines of the Atlantic port cities, with a sense of excitement and empowerment. It would not be long, however, before Jews would face a new obstacle: Evangelical Christianity. The early decades of the 1800s was fraught with Christian propaganda and an overwhelming desire to convert Jews. The Jewish community came together to establish their own schools and orphanages and hold their own offices to take care of their own people, after being denied political positions based on their

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