Oprah's Interview Jk Rowling Language Analysis

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Within Oprah’s interview, J K Rowling uses many fillers and false starts to understand and comprehend the question asked as well as structuring her answer. “I think that it taught me - I’m proud that it taught me how - that I had a strong survival instinct” She is almost lost for words. She is trying to phrase a response to a question where the response should typically be positive, “what did you learn…” She wants to come across as self-motivated and assured but arguably is still unsure with her thoughts at first. There is a tone of stress in her voice, a prosodic feature, even though her actual speech is positive, she is trying to find an answer quickly. “Survival instinct” is very distinct beyond her other speech as it is pronounced and the release of…show more content…
“I was sort of twenty-five to twenty-eight was-a-was-a dark time.” Her stutters before “was a dark time” is intriguing and emphasises the end parts of her sentences. Rowling uses intonation without intending to because her voice quietens for this end part implying she felt exposed and unsure. Rowling uses a phrase “shell-shocked” which is typically associated with a different meaning. Perhaps she was not confident to admit she had been through depression. Though, once she did, she was open to many questions regarding this topic. They use jargon to some extent when using “Clinical Depression” the use of this specialised term shows the seriousness of the conversation and engages the audience. This would contrast majorly with a younger audience. The pair use overlaps, but very subtly to assure the mood of the conversation does not change. “Did it help you to know more of who you are? Did it bring you into a” then Rowling interrupts with “Eventually.” This interruption was used as a hedge. She does this to show Oprah that she understood the question the first time and contributes to the sensitive and supportive mood of the

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