Nursing Home Rehabilitation Center

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The rotation site was ay a nursing home and rehabilitation center. A nursing home is pretty much Long term care for the elderly, mainly dealing with 80 year old patients and they don’t look to cure patients but just to treat them for the days they have to live since they are mostly elderly. As we walked into the nursing home it looked as if it were a hospital. We were taken downstairs to the basement where the pharmacy was and were shown where different medications belong. For example the Control substances was locked and safe. There was an area where one of the technicians was making IV bags. The Injectable medications are separated from oral and high alert drugs with preservative, which cannot be given spinal chord since it has preservatives. The 340B drugs have to be separated from non-340B and also in the nursing home every script has to have an indication for the use of the medication or the pharmacist cant fill it.…show more content…
People in the nursing are on about 9 medications a day and not everyone responds to certain medications, therefore their was a variety of medication that patients were on. Not all the long term facilities have pharmacies because They didn't have insurance company's that would pay and when the insurance companies started paying the facilities did not have room to put the pharmacies. The Pharmacist job is to be a consulting pharmacist; a consulting pharmacist job is to make sure that the laws are followed for example inappropriate use of psychiatric medication. Since the nursing home was having inspection at the time we were not able to go and see the pharmacist and patient interactions. The pharmacist would have to contact physicians with any issues and law requires

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