Michael Grant's Plague Essay

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We as people, help other people when in danger. This is a human instinct that we all obtain. In the book Plague by Michael Grant, Sam and his friends have to find a way to save the kids in Perdido Beach from the vicious bugs and Drake. Sam is trying to come up with a plan, while Caine and Brianna fight off all of the bugs in the city. Meanwhile, Jack is fighting Drake to keep Astrid and Little Pete safe. I will be characterizing Caine, Evaluating Sam, and Predicting the next events. Caine is a selfish person. Caine wants to help save everyone at Perdido Beach just so that they will obey his orders and not Sam’s. Caine does not care about keeping people safe, he just wants them to obey him, and not Sam. However, Caine is very adroit with his power, he can lift the bugs up and smash them. The bugs are as big as “school buses.” The kids believe that he can save them from the bugs. Caine is very senseless. Caine underestimates the power of the bugs and he is pinned in a…show more content…
Astrid would kill Pete if it means keeping the entire city alive. If Drake gets his hands on little Pete then it is all over. Little Pete is the most powerful person in the FAYZ. Drake and Brianna want to take him to their lord, so they will be unstoppable. I predict Jack will stall Drake long enough for Astrid to kill Pete. Also, I predict that since Pete will die Drake will lose the battle against Perdido Beach. I predict that Sam and Caine will try and make peace, but they will not live in the same area. I predict that Caine will stay in Perdido Beach and be the king there, and Sam will move to the lake. Some of the kids think that Caine is the biggest jerk on the planet. Others think that Sam is too benevolent to lead his own city. Therefore, I predict more kids will go with Sam, because Sam is a nicer person compared to Caine. I predict Little Pete will be killed, and Sam and Drake will be leaders in two different

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