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In the short film “Donkey” we follow the narrator David. David walks around in his hometown, and tells the story of his childhood and his best friend in the first school he attended. His friends ´name was Stanley, and he loved him, he was a funny kid and the most popular kid in school, he could imitate a donkey like know one else. But as time went on, they moved to primary school, then high school, and before David knew of it, he, and all the other kids were bullying Stanley, because he was dumber and slower “a Forrest Gump type”. It is a modern time story and it takes place in London, England. David indicates that quite clearly by his accent. The time span is very long, as the story covers David’s´ life from childhood to adulthood. The background music in the film is used well to show the viewers the current mood in the story. In the…show more content…
David and Stanley where friends until High school, but David decided to “show teeth”, make new friends, and bully Stanley to gain respect from the others. Now we see David many years later, he is successful and rich, but he is miserable. And a strong symbol in the movie is the black/white pictures, which symbolizes his lonely colourless life regardless of his money. David never moved on, and that is clearly seen on his worried facial expressions during the entire movie, he feels guilt. Which also is one of the main themes in the story. Stanley on the other hand, has moved on, and as David meets him in the street, Stanley invites him over for dinner, and David realises that Stanley is perfectly normal. After the dinner, as David is heading out of the door, Stanley ends the evening with the phrase “eh oh” with a smile, for old times sake. David turns around and walks away in shame, completely aware of his situation, knowing that he ended up being the victim of his own bullying. As he walks, he sums up his life and his thoughts with his last words “who is the donkey

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