Catcher In The Rye Distinctively Visual Essay

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Pictures are among the most important parts of human expression. From the earliest days of mankind, we have used drawings to express our emotions, desires, and fears. The image above offers a variety of opposing themes, all woven together into a creative vista. The light and dark colors in the picture offer a conflicting theme of childhood and adulthood. Children view the outside world as mysterious and intimidating. They solely depend on the adults in their life to give them advice. That’s why much of their universe appears to be masked in darkness. As adults, much of the world is known. Their role now is to act as educators to the next generation and shepherd the children of the future. In the picture, a half submerged crocodile is depicted,…show more content…
Throughout the story, he battles the idea of abandonment. He feels like the rest of the world is trying to victimize and exclude him. The driving force behind the novel is maturity. Ironically, Holden’s main goal is to resist the process of change. He fears growth, and is overwhelmed by complexity. He desires everything to be eternally stangant. Like the darkness which envelops the picture, Holden is afraid of the world around him. He is stuck inside his own bubble of self isolation and loneliness. His fear is derived from his own denial of his sins. He criticizes others because he can’t understand the way everyone else thinks. The teeth of the crocodile represent these sins. They are masked in shadow yet always present in Holden’s life. One such example is when Holden calls Mr. Antolini “a phony.” Fearing adulthood, Holden creates his own nonsensical idea that growth is filled with hypocrisy and ignorance. His fantasy of the catcher in the rye helps to better represent this. He imagines childhood as a vast field where children run freely. Meanwhile, adulthood is the equivalent of death, falling over the edge of a cliff. His dream is to catch children as they fall over that cliff, preventing them from meeting the horrors of

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