Notorious Film Quotes

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When watching the film, Notorious, through the lens of this quote, the viewer can really begin to see just how human the villain really is. Alex Sebastian, the villain in this film, can come off as a very frightening character but also as a character who seems to be afraid at different points throughout the movie. Just because he is the film's antagonist, does not make him void of emotions, of being afraid, of being in love. One scene in which Sebastian comes off as extremely frightening is when he realizes the unica key, the key to his wine cellar, is missing during the party he is hosting with Alicia in their home. The look that comes across his face is enough to make the viewer wonder what horrific consequence will come to the Alicia…show more content…
When he takes her out into the hallway, he notices Sebastian ascending the staircase, telling Alicia to brace herself for what is bound to come next. When Sebastian reaches the top of the staircase, he demands that Devlin take her back to room, that she needs rest. Devlin refuses and says that he will be taking her to the hospital as she is clearly not well and that if he tried to stop him, he would turn him into the men downstairs, revealing what he had done to Alicia. As they began to descend the staircase, Sebastian seemed conflicted whether or not to let them go or suffer the consequences. He decided to let them go as the fear of being found out by the men downstairs scared him far more. He wanted to go with them to the hospital as he did not want to be left alone with the men downstairs in case they figured it out anyways. When Devlin gets himself and Alicia into the car, he locks the door to keep Sebastian out. This is where we see a final strain of fear in Sebastian's eyes as he is pleading for them to take him with them. At this point, the men inside the house had figured out something was up and called him inside to speak with him and he slowly ascended the stairs to what presumably is his death as he had been
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