Beyond Disclosure

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Communication is key in every relationship, whether the relationship is between you and your parents, siblings, spouse, co-workers, or patients. We as human sometimes assume that people know what we are thinking/ how we feel inside, but in reality this is not always the case. Being able to express ones’ self through verbal and nonverbal communication, allows the recipient to receive the message that one is trying to deliver. Every living thing is programmed to communicate one way or another. For example, dogs bark, cats meow, babies cry, birds chirp, and we as humans were made to communicate as well, but with the use of language and body gestures. Communication allows for us to deliver information as well as receive or withhold information. But, the question is, when is information necessary to be delivered or withheld and to whom and by whom ? This question brings me to my main focus concerning the articles: Beyond Disclosure: seeking forgiveness, Etiquette based medicine, and learning to survive being a doctor” the articles, which which will be discussed later.…show more content…
As a future DPT, we are viewed as experts of our field. The years of schooling,studying, competencies, and finances, prepare us for our future profession. We are trained to diagnose, treat, diagnosis, and treat again. Almost forgetting sometimes that our patients are humans too, and not just test subjects needing a solution to their problems in which they present with. We forget that our patients are mothers, fathers, children, aunts/uncles, etc. Yet, we treat them as “patients” and shut off all emotional ties that connect us to them, which is evident in the article, “Etiquette-Based

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