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In the years following World War II, some of the best musical entertainers of the century hit the scene. One of those entertainers was Doris Day, who not only contributed to the entertainment scene through her singing but with her incredible talent as an actress and as an animal rights activist as well. During the war, radio was a main staple of entertainment and information in the United States. Cinema also played a huge role in entertainment at this time, especially because of the need for entertainment during the “hard times” of the war (Library of Congress). However, in the years following the war entertainment saw both continuity and change. While radio retained its popularity, a new technology called television became an increasingly popular form of entertainment for Americans (Library of Congress). It was in this postwar culture that Doris Day made a huge impact with her talent as a singer, actress, and activist. Doris Day was born Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff in Cincinatti, Ohio on April 3, 1924 (CNN Library). She was born to mother Alma Sophia Welz and father Wilhelm Von…show more content…
In fact, she aspired to be a professional dancer and was part of a local performing dance group until she was injured in a devastating car accident (Doris Day Animal Foundation). In the accident her right leg was crushed when the car she was riding in was hit by a train. While this injury was devastating, it catapulted her into her future career. While recovering from her accident, Doris spent a lot of time listening to the radio and even went on to take singing lessons after some encouragement from her mother. Her vocal coach, Grace Raine, was so stunned by Doris’ natural ability to sing that she gave her three voice lessons for the price of one. To this day, Doris credits Raine as having had the greatest impact on her career as a

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