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Keyword: Kangana Ranaut Title: The “Queen” actress Page URL(where the image was found): http://www.gettyimages.in/detail/news-photo/indian-bollywood-actress-kangana-ranaut-poses-during-the-news-photo/493901163 Image URL (more than 680px, horizontally long): http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/indian-bollywood-actress-kangana-ranaut-poses-during-the-launch-of-a-picture-id493901163 Introduction (more than 50 words): Kangana Ranaut is among the most popular and successful actresses of Bollywood at present. She is highly admired for her fashion and style sense. Her performances in both leading and supporting roles have been very well received. She is a very opinionated lady and her quotes in the media receive a great deal of attention due to…show more content…
From a young age, Kangana was drawn to fashion and often wore clothes that her neighbours thought were strange. According to the actress, her childhood was simple and happy. She was a good student at school and initially aspired to become a doctor. However, during her high school she failed a chemistry test and doubted her choice of career. At the time she was preparing for the all India medical entrance examination but at the end, did not sit for the exam. In order to pursue a career in fashion, she moved to Delhi at a young age of sixteen. Her father did not approve of her career move but she did not give up on her…show more content…
2) Favourite actors: Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan 3) Favourite actresses: Madhubala, Angelina Joli, Parveen Babi 4) Favourite movie: Kuch Kuch hota hai 5) Favourite colour: Black 6) Favourite accessory: Miu miu bracelet from Paris 7) Favourite food: Hyderabadi biriyani, dal-chawal-sabzi 8) Favourite music: Pop, classical 9) Favourite place: Paris 10) Favourite cuisine: Italian, French Fun facts (min. 15) 1) She had tensions with her father in the earlier part of her career as he did not support her career in modelling and acting. 2) Her favourite director to work with is Sanjay Leela Bhansali 3) She drinks and smokes 4) She has a liking for feminine things 5) She can dance Kathak 6) Milan is her favourite fashion destination 7) She loves to eat spicy food 8) She enjoys cooking 9) Her favourite sports is basketball and she is very good at it 10) She likes Sonam Kapoor for her fashion sense 11) She is planning to write and direct in the future 12) Music is a stress buster for her and she listens to music while shopping 13) She aspired to become a doctor as a child 14) She likes country side and does not enjoy cities like Mumbai 15) She wants to purchase a farmhouse in

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