Utopia Vs Dystopia Research Paper

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Equality for all, a seemingly impossible task, surmounted easily. Hunger and disease cured with one pill, crime rates dwindling to nothing. Remedying such flawlessness requires drastic change within a community. The changes will cause the creation of a utopia, a perfect society. Alas a general covers all approach to solving issues tend to create more than they solve. The overlooking of minute details has disastrous results. Good intentions quickly lead to oppression and sorrow of the citizens with in the utopia. The failure to invent a quintessential environment morphs a utopia into a dystopia. People who are a trying to enact a change use causal analysis, a process that inspects a cause and all the possible outcomes of the change. After a change occurs the creation of a utopia or dystopia is dependent on the correct use of…show more content…
The burning of fossil fuels as wells as increased population and demand for resources is damaging the Earth. Humans harmful effects can be seen in: decreased air quality, depletion of the Ozone layer which protects citizens from UV rays, and climate change. To save the earth changes must be made. Decreasing America’s carbon footprint by replacing all gasoline dependent cars with solar power fueled and implementing a pollution tax will create a better, healthier nation. The first issue would be making and distributing new eco-friendly vehicles. Old cars would be melted down and the metal redistributed to construct the modern modes of transportation. The pollution tax will be measured based on carbon output in addition to noise and air pollution. A yearly audit of each household will show the total amount of taxable pollutions. Decrease in use of fossil fuels will halt climate change by reducing the greenhouse effect. The pollution tax will encourage Americans to changes habits that are harmful to the Earth. These long-term changes will allow for a more harmonious and healthy United

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