Pylon Hospitality Management Case Study

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Christopher Manning is an extremely experienced business owner living in Cape Cod. He has been operating several hotels in the area for the past few years. Manning set out to improve the tourism industry in Cape Cod, so he decided to get into the business and make a few tourist spots to visit. Manning is now the owner of Pylon Hospitality Management Inc., a hotel company that is located in Cape Cod. This company makes sure to do business with both tourists and the local residents of the area with some of the best accommodations in the area. Pylon Hospitality Management which is run by Christopher Manning of Cape Cod is a hospitality company that works primarily in the lodging business. They provide both tourists and local residents of the…show more content…
After he earned his degree in Economics, he jumped into the workplace and right into the hospitality business. After getting his feet wet, he opened his own chain of hotels in the Cape Cod area. He then formed the company Pylon Hospitality Management. This company specializes in providing only the very best possible in accommodations for all of the tourists visiting Cape Cod. They even provide trips and places to stay for local residents who want a weekend trip. Christopher Manning of Cape Cod and owner and operator of his own hotel company, Pylon Hospitality Management is a certified hotel manager. Manning believes his customers deserve a great and relaxing experience in any hotel, especially his hotels. He also makes sure that his clients and partners have many good business opportunities when they plan to invest in any of the beachfront property locations in the Cape Cod area. Manning has made the smart move of getting into the property business in the Cape Cod area right when the tourism industry has…show more content…
He does so with his own hotel business, Pylon Hospitality Management. Manning has basically built his career on the tourism that surrounds the beautiful Cape Cod area and all the bordering places as well. His dream is to make sure that his love he has for this beautiful area is shared with as many other people as is possible. And he will do all of this by using with his string of hotels in the area to entice people to stay, relax, and get away from it

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