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LIFE of PI is "An allegory or magical-realist fable, but as an edge-of-seat adventure" (Jordan). Pi lives with a Royal Bengal tiger for 227 days. The review written by Justine Jordan successfully convinces its audience that LIFE of PI is an exciting adventure story which fits for teenagers. He analyzes plots of the story and gives several reasons about why Yann Martel's unimaginable novel appeals teenagers. The review summarizes the plot of the story and analyzes the hints toward the marvellous adventure of the main character, Pi. First, it explains why the main character named Pi. His original name is Piscine. "He had chosen his irrational nickname because of his schoolmates insistence on pronouncing as pissing" (Jordan). Pi is an irrational…show more content…
"The ongoing miracle of his existence at sea is also foreshadowed by his spiritual life on land; Pi is a creature of faith who sees eternally renewed wonder in God and his creation" (Jordan). It appeals readers to move into Pi's spiritual life. It is good for teenagers to read and to learn. The review suggests that Pi has good creativity because he believes religion and has God in his heart. The review not only gives the reason why Yann Martel's irrational novel appeals teenagers, but also analyzes the connotation of his experience. "Pi characterises this adaptive leap of faith as "that measure of madness that moves life in strange but saving ways"; in other words, his coexistence with the tiger is possible precisely because it has never happened before"(Jordan). It is an enough reason for readers to convince it. Teenagers can get a positive energy from the story. Also, the book evokes the audience think the meaning of their life. The relationship between human and animal is fantastic. "An animal takes a human or another animal to be one of its own species, and the usual predator-prey relationship is suspended" (Jordan). Although it is an irrational story, it has a deep theme. When people read the review, they will like this magical adventure. The book appeals many teenager's

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