Nonviolent Activism

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In the graphic novel March Book One by John Lewis, there are several forms of activism that helped change the lives of several African Americans. Sit- ins, boycotts and refusal to pay bail were three famous forms of nonviolent activism used by Blacks. The first form of nonviolent activism was the sit-ins recommended by Jim Lawson, founder of the Fellowship of Reconciliation also known as “F.O.R”. Lawson instructed the basic principles of the sit-ins. The members of this group were extremely dedicated and devoted to the implementation of nonviolent movements. Preliminary to the sit- ins, Jim Lawson led many workshops to prepare Blacks for the harsh treatment that is expected from the Whites. This primary goal of the sit-ins is to emphasize…show more content…
Also the goal of these sit-ins is to show White people that Blacks are humans and should be treated with respect and equality. In the book, the group prepared to conduct a sit-in at a diner. They sat in the White people section causing tension between them. Second, they purchased their food, the waiter said “ We don’t serve niggers here.” Then the members were met by a large number of angry White people demanding that they all leave. Finally, members of the group refused to exit the store as a result, they were physically and verbally abused by them. However, the members remained alongside one another and did not break the practice of nonviolence. This movement was effective because eventually, the Whites stopped their abusive ways and left them alone. They were so astonished at the fact that people would take so much abuse just to stand up for themselves. This form of activism will be effective today. In today’s society, the media has a huge impact on the image of businesses.…show more content…
The bus boycott was established after the arrest of Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to a White person. Later, it was agreed that no African American should ride the bus whether going to work or school. The primary goal of the bus boycott was to divide the bus into equal sections so that the Blacks would not be forced to give up their seat so often to the White people. In response, opposing Whites resorted to violence like burning down houses and churches. This method of nonviolence was highly effective because as a consequence of the boycott, the city’s public transit system began to lose large amounts of money which put them in economic distress. This form of activism would be effective today. If racism or discrimination were to occur, then the best place to attack is the pockets. If everyone were to stop purchasing items from stores or stop riding the MTA, then these business will see a decrease in their finances. Then they will adhere to the message that at

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