'A Rhetorical Analysis Of Tarzan'

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Tarzan, a fictional character that is known to people of all ages, introduced through movies and books, represents the wilderness, as it being his homeland. Tarzan is essential to be part of this advertisement, since the destruction being done to the forest. The forest is a home for Tarzan but with deforestation going on, his place of security is crushed and destroyed. The image of the flying Tarzan and the constructed land in progression graves a culpable feeling for the audience. This guiltiness leads to an emotional appeal for the viewer and makes them feel the need to do something about this destruction. This organization usually expresses their campaign through images of animals, but as a change, Tarzan, a human, was presented. WWF has…show more content…
Tarzan, a man of nature, was raised in the wilderness his whole life. In the image, he had surprisingly swung out of the rainforest only to find a part of the forest to be gone. At the intersection of land and forest placed a bulldozer in progress of construction. The two lands next to each other shows a harsh comparison with the ideal image on the left while the right shows a more realistic truth. Furthermore, on the bottom corner of the advertisement, a text was provided saying “15 square kilometers of rain forest disappears every minute”. This campaign is trying to inform how rapid deforestation is coming along and the cause of this problem is due to the growing industries since more of the wilderness is needed for them to develop. Not only does deforestation causes grief towards the many wildlife living within, it is also a contributing factor towards climate change and nature…show more content…
This swinging tarzan presented in the advertisement portrays how unaware he was. With his wide open arms, unbalanced legs and mid air position, shows his shock towards the discovery of this deforested land. Also, the fact that this tarzan has his back towards us show how much of a stranger he is and anyone can be in his shoes. On the other hand, there is a bulldozer doing its job, which is also unaware of Tarzan. This is trying to say that how two different factors are unaware of what is going on around them while invasions are happening. The eerie, dark, cloudy sky creates an effect making it seem serious and hazy at the same time. In contrast, the strong, luminous, olive green forest gives off a more protective feeling. Lastly, at the corner of the horizon lies a city. The city shows the seriousness of this issue ironically. The use of irony emphasizes the problem and allows the audience to feel more comfortable since the kinds of campaign image that WWF creates does not consist of humorous

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