Adulteration In Consumer Behaviour

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Introduction The Consumer in modern economy in India is a forgotten man. He is the most aberrant element in the circle of, production, sale, investment and consumption, and taken to be settled as one who has to buy in order to sustain. There are many ways where the consumer is subjugated to the maximum extent possible by variation in the contents of the pack, adulteration, deceptive and fractional weights etc. The consumer is most exploited in the scenario of tariff protected economy in which import of goods is reduced and gives next to monopolistic advantages to goods produced within the country. The evident example is the sugar industry in India. In perfect competition among suppliers and producers is a feature of safety in keeping…show more content…
This is only a hypothetical condition which may not exist in reality. In practicality few units in an industry may realize such dominant positions that are able to be in control of the market by adaptable prices or output or get rid of competition. With the development of modern techniques and convincing powers of psychological advertising, even well-informed consumers can be drawn in into buying the superfluous and unnecessary goods to a large extent. The criticism of the consumers towards the business community is repeatedly echoed in respect of factors like quality, price, packaging, distribution, after sales services, advertising, etc. The truth is that poor quality, adulteration of goods, deficiency of services courtesy to the consumer; misleading advertisements are all instances of violation by the business enterprise of its commitment towards the consumer of its products. Adam Smith was right when he stated : “Consumer is the sole end and purpose of all production and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of…show more content…
Designed to be the broad based consultative bodies, the organizational pattern of such bodies are conceptualized in the mould of public-private partnership in order to facilitate a better feedback and there by review of the policy in the area of consumer rights protection. The Consumer Protection Councils are very important and potent deliberative body for the protection of the interests of the consumers. They have to play a very important role in spreading a popular and broad based consumer movement in the country particularly in the rural areas. The Councils may act as catalysts for change so that the present market system functions for the welfare of the consumers and for satisfying their needs rather than being subservient to the interest of the industrialists and

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