Personal Narrative: The Disease

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The Helicopter ride was fun, I had always wanted to ride in one. But the things we saw… It scarred my life, and yes, it was worse than the time my cousin left the door open. The Disease is not just a disease, it is constantly evolving, moving like the waves. We are working on a cure, which is the beginning of a new life for mankind- or what’s left of it. Our Government was shut down about a month ago, and the Military started recruiting people to control the violent outbursts of the disease. ‘The Disease’ is what everyone called it, but I know it’s something unnatural, man-made. Who would make it, and who would donate to the cause? The Disease literally takes the controls of your body to go off and do its evil bidding, whatever that was. My Brother, Luke, and I joined a small task force,…show more content…
That’s the first time I faced the infected in hand to hand combat. There were so many- they rushed us from all directions. The sounds of the bloody fists beating on riot gear deafened us. I was surprised I hadn’t noticed the screams before we got out on the street. We ran, side by side, my brother and I. The rest of the team followed close behind, knowing exactly what we were all thinking: run. Mission aborted. Get the heck outta there, the only reason we didn’t run back to the helicopter was because the infected beings had already trashed it, a big column of smoke was coming off the roof where the helicopter
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