Red In Elie Wiesel's Christmas Eve

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“For your shirt,” she said, “We will use red flannel, which is also warm and comfortable to wear.” “And the high boots,” she continued, “Will keep your pants dry, and there will be no loose clothing to get caught on anything.” “I have chosen the color red because red represents warmth. ”Like the warmth of the sun, but also the warm feeling you get when you open a present from someone who cares for you, even if you don’t know them.” Thank you for your time,” she said as she turned to walking away. “Whoa, there young lady” Santa said, looking over to his wife who gave him an approving nod. “We like your idea, and I think it was carefully thought out.” “Your design will work great for getting in and out of the sleigh time after time on Christmas Eve.” “I want to thank you for your time and the…show more content…
“All I need to do is add just a little more room between the shoulders so you will have more arm movements," she said as she climbed down. Taking off the suit, Santa hung the material over the back of a chair. “Thank you for your time,” she said, as she folded the cloth and put it on the cutting table.” We will call you in a few days for a final fitting.” “By the by,” Santa asked, “Did Sly have anything to offer to help with the project?” “Yes indeed” Addy replied. “I'm glad you suggested we check with him.” “He has a new material he is working on. It's somewhat stretchable, and resists dirt and soot.” “ However, at this time,” she said, he only has it in blue, but he assured me he would have a bolt of Santa red cloth ready in the next day or

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