Compare And Contrast: When The Legends Die By Hal Borland

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Compare and Contrast: When The Legends Die by Hal Borland As humans, we strive for change. And in other times, we change even when not needed. What is the force that drives us to do the things we do? This, we may never know, but something that we all want in life, is a meaning. Thomas, a little boy of about 11-years, wanted meaning too and did many things to fit in with a different culture. After his father, Black Bull killed Frank No Deer for taking their savings three times, his mother, his dad, and Thomas himself all fled to the mountains and started living in the old Ute way. One day Tom’s dad ventured off to collect some deer meat for their family and an avalanche fell into the valley and buried Tom’s dad. Tom and his mother are left to each other and Tom’s strength continues to build up as…show more content…
Soon after, Tom’s mother passes away in the tough winter, for she is just and old women and had become very weak. Now Tom is alone. In the mountains he finds a strange man fishing and that same man killed the mother of a baby cub. Thomas befriends the cub, because he understands the pain that it has of being alone. During this time, Blue Elk the leader of the Ute who “cares about his people”, comes and brings Thomas to a school where he would learn the new way, because old Ute way wasn’t around anymore. Thomas then works as sheepherder, but gets a new job offer from Red Dillion in the broncs. Red coaches Thomas to extremes and threatens Thomas, so Thomas starts riding for the fun of it. Red dies and Thomas then has to face that Meo is the only one he has. (Red’s cook) Thomas visits Meo every now and then to pick the chilies and catch up, but when Thomas comes back to see how he is, Meo is dead. Tom is alone once again, but finds himself in his old town, Pagosa. He then goes back to sheep herding and goes to hunt a bear in the process. He sets up a camp where he bathes, but doesn’t sing the song. He

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