Essay On Circle Of Influence

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From the time you are a baby, you are being impacted by our circles of influence. They are essential to how model our perceptions of the world. Your circles of influence according to Habits for Wellbeing are your concerns that you can effect. Although this is true it is much more than that. Circles of influence are what shape our identities in the real world. Many people confuse circles of influence with circles of concern. Whereas your circle of concern has to do more with the world around you, your circle of influence is something you can directly affect how you allow it to shape you. Most times we cannot step back and understand how we change how our circles of influence until we are adults but nonetheless is it important of us to understand…show more content…
My grandmother grew up in a time where Perth Amboy was made up of almost exclusively of white identifying people. She grew up being called a spick by her classmates while being discriminated against by teachers for being smarter than the white kids being a Hispanic woman. At a young age, I was running around the senior citizens building while my grandmother played bingo and this is where I learned the importance of race. I spoke to my grandmother in Spanish quite often when I would want to tell her something I didn't want other people to hear or understand. So like normally I spoke to my grandmother in Spanish during her bingo game and an elderly white woman at another table shouted: “Speak English we are in America!” This is the moment defined race for me and my life. My grandmother stood up and started yelling at this woman “ This is America and I can do what I want. So if I want to speak to my granddaughter in Spanish I have the damn right too!”. She, later on, that night explained to me why she did this. “We have to defend our heritage. We have to be proud to be Puerto Rican because nobody can take this from us.” This taught me that race was a crucial part of who was and who we
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