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In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger it is the only time that a baseball mitt and the song Playing God by Paramore have anything in common. These two things directly relate to Holden in not only a physical sense, but mental as well. To begin, in the novel when Holden is kicked out of his school he does something that no average seventeen year old would do, he runs away to New York. This can be connected to the Song in the section, “Well, maybe you should tie me up so I don't go where you don't want me”. This quote means that if you don't want someone going somewhere then you need to find a way to restrain them either physically or mentally.Holden goes when he wants to with no consideration of others opinions and since his parents were not aware of his situation at school there was no one to stop him from doing what he wished. This is also where you can start…show more content…
The author makes a point in letting the reader know that Holden believes people perceive him as older than he is because of the grey in his hair. He continues on with this thought track during his entire time in New York. The best way to explain this can be seen in the quote, “You say that I been changing, That I'm not just simply aging" from Paramore's song Playing God. Holden's personality is what he is changing and that had nothing to do with growing up. For example, in New York he constantly attempts to obtain drinks at bars and tries to come off as an alcoholic when it is rare he is even given a drink. Holden is constantly asked for an ID and that shows that he does not appear as mature as he thinks he does. Another example is when he buys a prostitute and ends up doing nothing but trying to talk. These are only a few examples of his immaturity and how outside of his own imagination he is nothing but a misguided

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