Character Analysis: Miami Blues

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(Kyle) Alex Keene Professor Monique Boss English 1101 October 31st, 2014 Charles Willeford: Miami Blues Miami Blues by Charles Willeford is a compelling, crime-filled novel fueled by unfathomable circumstances and intricate twists. Unlike other pieces of literature, the consistency of unforeseen events within the book are quite abundant. As you begin to believe you are gaining a grasp on the plots destination, a new, and even more astounding twist is in the making. Quickly picking up on the fact that the novel possessed such a favorable trait, I immediately knew I had made no mistake in choosing Miami Blues. After reading a few pages of the book’s introduction, I noticed how the author was exceptionally subtle, yet vivid, when describing his characters. To translate, Charles Willeford didn’t portray his characters by simply using…show more content…
In addition to being thrown in an isolation cell, Freddy is forbidden to use smoking tobacco for his next six days. Upon receiving this punishment, Freddy (despite fighting the undying addiction to smoke a cigarette) decided that if the prison was going to punish him by taking away his ability to smoke, then he was going to take away his desire to smoke. He quit smoking, simply to take away a mere portion of the satisfaction that the security guard’s would receive from punishing him. If you couldn’t identify on your own, my reasoning for sharing this is because what the author just did was allow you a brief look inside the mind and morals of Frederick J. Frenger. Without the narrator having to say a word, the reader can already look at this character and tell that not only is he criminal, but an individual with extremely durable mental strength who refuses (to the best of his capabilities) to give control of his life to anyone other than

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