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Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron is a very famous christian actor. Kirk plays in many films including Growing Pains, Fireproof, Listen To Me, Saving Christmas, Left Behind one, Left Behind two, Like Father Like Son and many more. ( However Kirk is most famous for his role in Growing Pains a television show. Growing pains first aired in September 24, 1985. The theme song for growing pains was As Long As We’ve Got Each Other. (www.growingpains) kirk was born in Los Angeles california his mom was barbara cameron. She was a homeworker. his father was robert cameron. he was a teacher. Kirk had three siblings named Candace, Bridgette, and Melissa. Kirk’s full name is Kirk Thomas Cameron. (kirk/bio) Kirk’s parents named him after the Star Trek captain named captain kirk.(kirkcameron/facts/odd) Kirk Cameron was born on october 12, 1970. Kirk is currently 44 years old. Kirk Cameron has a wife named Chelsea Noble. Chelsea is currently fifty years old.…show more content…
He worked in Polaroid ads. Kirk did a ad for Count Chocula. Kirk Cameron also rolled in growing pains in 1985 and the movie in 2004. Kirk Cameron's first movie was glory days comedy in 1986 he played as kurt Russell. (cameron commercial success) kirk cameron’s most famous film was growing pains. it was a television show about a family with a father in business and there journalist mother starring allen thicke, joanna kerns jirk cameron an many more. they also made a movie with all the same stars based off of the television show. (www.growingpains) Kirk Cameron is a faithful committed christian. when Kirk was young he was actually a atheist but when he was 17 or 18 he became a christian he said on the view “ten out of ten people die and if there is really a god who’s blessed me than I wanna be the guy to say thank you an be the guy he wants me too be”

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