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Mardi Gras, often referred as fat Tuesday is a festival that is held each year by Louisiana Creole people in New Orleans. This festival is known to be culturally rich since it is a mix of European, American and Italian culture. The culture of this festival is dynamic where it's been changing with time. Initially, the festival was fully under the influence of the catholic culture where Italian Catholics celebrated the festival as part of their catholic heritage. However, this culture has changed due to integration of the European, American and Italian culture. There's plenty of traditions that relates to this festival; schedule, costumes, masks and carnival ball are a number of the key traditions in the festival. Nevertheless, the general Mardi…show more content…
This is because alcohol has been dominating the celebration leading to immoral acts thus spoiling the traditions, culture and the actual meaning of the festival. The Italian excessive drinking and celebrating has left a large effect on the drinking culture in this state. Thus, since the civilization Louisiana has had a different approach to alcohol than the country possesses. The perception of people has attracted alcohol tourists and excessive use of alcohol, which had made Louisiana modify its way to favor alcohol consumption. This has left a negative impact on the culture of mardi gras as a whole. Young and new generation in Louisiana not very have the primary idea of mardi gras, its origins, cultures, traditions and their significances. Alcohol is overtaking the historical value of Mardi Gras and Creole culture as a whole that includes delicious food, soothing music and plenty of…show more content…
Even if Alcohol was not present in Mardi gras this would still have been the best festival in the country due to its rich cultural uniqueness Food is the main tradition in this festival where the term fat Tuesday is derived from this tradition. Not any kind of food that is fund in this festival but there is the specific types of foods that are cooked in order to bring sense of tradition in the festival. The main type of food in this festival is Gumbo which is a combination of Africa, Europe, Caribbean and American influences (Gaudet, 2003). This type of food unites all these groups in this festival. Andouille is another key meal in this festival. This is a type of food that originated in France and all in this festival enjoys it. Other types of foods in Mardi Grass are Jambalaya, Crawfish Etoufee, Muffuleta and Banana Foster. The variety of food of Louisiana is an important aspect of this place’s culture and also that of Mardi Gras . Vacation does not necessarily mean just partying and drinking but also means

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