New French Culture Summary

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An anthropologist is a person who studies a group or person’s culture, society, and their beliefs. They also study about their past and present. The whole population of New France is from the people of France moving to that area, also from childbirth. When new France was still growing their population, they realized that they needed women for raising families and marrying a male colonist. If they didn’t have women new France wouldn’t be able to grow. So the king had a solution of bringing 900 women and girls to new France to become wives. If they got married, the king would give them a cow, an ox, two pigs, two chicken, a little bit of salt beef, and a purse of money. The 900 women and girls that did get married were called Filles du Roi or also know as the king's daughter.”…show more content…
Only a few of the female that had power is the queen and the heads of the catholic convents. The female could also be educated, but they couldn’t have a political role. They were married at a young age of 16. Their role is to prepare meals, harvest crops, tending the farm animals, child-rearing, and housekeeping. In New, France women had received a better education, then in France. They were also more schools in New France then France. Ursuline Nuns taught the children mathematic, religion, science, history and French. They also operated the school. The children would go to school more often than in France because when you were in France you were sent out at a young age to learn a trade. The boys rarely go to school because they would help out in the fields. They would only go to school if they entered the seminary. There were two types of farmers. One was the Seigneur and the habitant. The King would grant seigneurs a small part of land along the shores of St. Lawrence Gulf and River. Once that land was given to the seigneurs it was called the seigneuries. The would have to build a mill and a church on their portion of the

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