Never Let Me Go Coming Of Age Essay

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Coming of age is different for everyone. This can be as simple as figuring out their place in the world or realizing what they’d like to accomplish in their lives. Although, this isn’t the case for the students of Hailsham in Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go--particularly in Tommy’s case. Tommy develops into an eccentric and mature young man as he once was a troubled adolescent. Of course, Tommy’s coming of age testifies to the age old motto: growing up is not easy (especially under peculiar circumstances). For most of Part One, Tommy is seen as very temperable. One can first note this when Kathy states “Tommy burst into thunderous bellowing...his face scarlet. Then he began to scream and shout, a nonsensical jumble of swear words and insults.” (9) The source of Tommy’s tantrums are a result of bullying/marginalization along with his frustration of not being able to keep up (creatively) with the rest of the students at Hailsham. Fortunately, the marginalization and bullying ended suddenly giving Tommy room to mature and accept the fact that he is not creative. After moving from Hailsham to The Cottages, along with age and mentoring from Kathy, Tommy developed into an almost timid and eccentric teenager. Tommy’s slight timidness grew out of…show more content…
Tommy was a carer and after a few years started his donation process. Soon, Kathy and Ruth find Tommy in good health but changed in appearance. Still, after a journey to a washed up boat, Ruth reveals her true feelings about getting in between Kathy and Tommy and urges the two to get a deferral. Of course, with the help of Kathy and his self-found creativity, Tommy hopes for a chance at a deferral. Unfortunately, after a journey to seek Madame, it’s revealed that the idea of a deferral are not true. Although a little heartbroken, Kathy and Tommy accept this notion while continuing on with their lives that were created to serve the same
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