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Mary Todd Lincoln was born on December 13 of 1818. She was born in Lexington,Kentucky with her father Robert Smith Todd, her mother Eliza Ann Parker, and her siblings Elizabeth Todd Edwards, Frances "Fanny" Todd Wallace, Levi O. Todd, Robert P. Todd, Ann Todd Smith, and George Rogers Clark Todd. Just 7 years later, Mary's mother dies from giving birth in Lexington. On November 1,1826 her father marries Elizabeth Humphreys and they later have nine children together.Throughout her childhood, Mary attented Shelby Female Academy where she studied grammar, geography, arithmetic, poetry, and literature. After attending the Academy she went to Madame Mentelle's Boarding School and leared to speak and write Fench,dancing , singing. She never forgot…show more content…
She summarized newspaper articles for him and they discussed political topics with one another. Mary engaged in letter-writing campaigns and hosted social events, such as a strawberry party that attracted 300 guests to their home. When her husband learned he had won the presidency in 1860, he rushed home from the office shouting, "Mary, we are elected!" When he was defeated in his second attempt to win a U.S. Senate seat by a friend, Mary stopped speaking to the man’s wife. Near the end of the Civil War when Mary’s half-sister Emilie Todd Helm, wrote angrily to the president, "Your minnie bullets have made us what we are," Alothough Lincoln ended up forgiving her, Mary never did. This goes to show how supportive and devoted she was to Lincoln. When Lincoln eventually wins the election for the presidency, their family moves to Washington D.C. leaving Springfield beind them forever. As First Lady, Mary often made unwise choices that fueled the attacks on her. She trusted a White House gardener, and he seems to have abused that trust to leak a presidential speech to the press before it was given. Congress investigated the matter but, after a mysterious visit from a New York politician named Daniel Sickles, the gardener made a confession taking all blame and the matter was thankfully dropped. Mary's temper and frequent demands, led Lincoln’s loyal secretary John Hay to call her "the hellcat." When Lincoln was reviewing the Army of the Potomac, she arrived late and found Major General O. C. Ord’s wife riding alongside the president. Just because she bacame jealous, she gave the woman a hard time that reduced her to tears, and she told off Lincoln in front of his officers. This incident drove Julia Grant, whom is the wife of Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, to state she is not going to spend any other moment with her again in the future. The Grants did not

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