Katy Perry Major Accomplishments

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Singer, songwriter, and musician, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was born on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. She is generally known for her stage name, Katy Perry. Katy is a pop music sensation, who has presented herself with out of the ordinary costumes and stage props, along with popular songs that rose her to fame. Coming up to this stage was hard, especially Katy Perry was brought up by two strict pastors, Keith and Mary Hudson. She was the second child of the family having an older sister named, Angela and a younger brother named, David. Katy went for vocal lessons at the age of 9 and performed at churches, experiencing her first live singing acts and played the guitar when she was 13. This musical experience inspired Katy to pursue a career in music. She was never permitted to listen to rock or popular music as well as watching certain channels and she argued with her parents for a strict upbringing, so she pierced her own nose. Katy dropped out of school at the age of 15 and made trips to seek a music career.…show more content…
In 2001, they had introduced her to Red Hill Records and she released her first album titled, Katy Hudson. The album was unsuccessful, selling only 100 copies and soon enough it went bankrupt. At the age of 17, Katy moved to Los Angeles and wrote songs with Glen Ballard. He introduced her to Columbia Records and was signed as a solo artist. `In 2006, Katy was unexpectedly dropped from Columbia Records when she was about to complete her record. Fortunately, this loss led her to a successful career in

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