Huckleberry Finn Character Analysis Essay

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Wanted, a runaway slave by the name of Jim, he may be responsible for the murder of Huckleberry Finn. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim runs away and finds himself on a dangerous escapade. Throughout the book, readers see many distinct sides to Jim. I find that Jim has a considerable number of admirable traits; a couple of my favorites are his caring nature and how he becomes a father figure to Huck Finn. However, Jim also has the ability to see people the way they truly are, which persists to be the quality I appreciate the most. The runaway slave Jim has several praiseworthy traits. One of them would have to be his caring nature. Near the end of the story Jim has a chance to be free, but instead of fleeing he stays and helps to save Tom Sawyer. Even though Tom was rude and mean to Jim, it did not stop him from committing a courageous act. Jim not only manages to save Tom’s life, but he also shows how deeply he cares for Huck.…show more content…
Despite his lack of education, Jim manages to teach Huck some important lessons; a particular lesson reveals to Huck the importance of always keeping a promise. However, the most vital lesson that Jim provides for Huck is that it does not matter what color a person’s skin is, but what is on the inside that counts. More importantly, the most commendable attribute of Jim’s is his ability to see people for who they truly are. The King and the Duke were both excellent at deception; nonetheless, Jim saw them as two revolting and unpleasant individuals. He genuinely thought they were a king and a duke, still that did not stop him from seeing their true nature. Jim knew perfectly well how easily Huck could have turned him in; however, he saw the person the young boy could be and put his trust in Huck. Even though Huck almost turned him in a couple of times, Jim knew that Huckleberry would be a good friend to have

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