Sound In Pixar's Film Up

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Without sound films would not be near as impactful as they are with the technology we have that can incorporate dialogue and background music as efficiently as it does. In Pixar’s film Up sound plays an unbelievable role in developing character, grabbing the audiences’ attention, provides rhythm through continuity, and presenting the theme of the film. The filmmaker is able to achieve these effects through the use of music, vocal sounds, and environmental sounds. The film Up portrays many characters each with their own traits that make them who they are. The sounds these characters make help develop these traits and make them more apparent to the audience. One character the film Up used sound to reveal character was the dog who was in charge of the large dog army trying to capture the rare bird. By using vocal sounds and the diegesis of the film, the dog’s voice was altered to be a much higher pitch, making him sound like a small, unintimidating animal instead of the low, in control voice you would expect from the character he portrayed. During the film his voice goes in between the high voice and the low voice. By doing this, an audience member can understand that by just changing the voice of a character, the filmmaker has the ability…show more content…
A prime example of grabbing attention through sound is used in the film Up when the background music changes due to the mood of the actions in the film. An example of this is when the film shows the audience clips of Carl and Ellie’s journey through life. In the high moments of their lives the music is way more upbeat and cheerful then when something in the film that is negative happens. These slight changes in the music can make an audience member more aware of the mood the filmmaker is trying to portray as well as the overall actions taking place in the

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