Persuasive Essay: Should I Join The Military

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Should I join the military seems like a pretty broad topic and to some it is however when you actually think about it it’s far more narrow than you thought. The 1st step to answering ¨should I join the military?¨ is asking ¨What career path am I looking at in the military?¨: Do I want to be enlisted or an officer? Do I want to be a part of intelligence, healthcare, or something else? Do I want to retire from the military? Which branch of the military would I join? The 2nd step is asking yourself ¨What is your reason to join?¨: Do you want to join because of the benefits you will receive upon retiring from the military. Perhaps your why is because they will help pay for college tuition. Maybe your why is simply because you want to serve your country.The 3rd step is asking ¨What would happen if I join the military?¨: What are the benefits I would receive? What kind of person would I become? The last step to answering ¨Should I join the military?¨ is asking yourself ¨What if I didn’t join the military?¨ What is meant by that question? Well that’s simple; Would I still go to college? What kind of job would I have? The 1st step for me was rather simple to answer because before I even started looking at the…show more content…
Well let’s be honest for a moment the 1st thing that would happen is you would have a someone or a group of people essentially telling you when you’re allowed to wake up, eat, sleep, relax, and pretty much anything else that you thought you could choose to do. If the military says run you run if the military says go climb a tree then you had better get to that tree and climb it. In a sense you lose a portion of your freedom while fighting for other people and their freedom. Also while in the military you will be assigned to live near or on a base the only upside is the fact that the military will potentially give you a housing allowance based on your ¨location, rank and family status¨ (¨Military

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