Naturalistic Writing

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Naturally Writing is an art. Everyone can do it. If you are speaking to a friend or posting on Facebook you are writing. The way I see it is that anything you say or do can be translated into writing. And the best writing comes from you. Naturalistic writing is what comes from ones own mind that gets transitioned from thought to paper. That is what I see as the best way to write. Other writers like Colson Whitehead believe that “The art of writing can be reduced to a few simple rules” but I think that writing has to be somewhat natural. One cannot just simply produce a great work from rules alone. No, it takes ones heart and mind to create the art of writing. A good piece of writing should never be contained by the boundaries of a set of rules, that ruins the whole art form. Any person can put together a random set of words and as long as it makes sense it has a chance of being a great story. We can see this through the…show more content…
She sounds as if sentences keep her up at night but she dreams of them during the day. If she used Whiteheads fifth and most upfront rule then she might be able to find a way to never lose a sentence again. Whiteheads fifth rule is to simply keep a dream journal. This could help Lahiri by giving her an unsanctioned place to write as many versions of as many sentences as she would like. This fifth rule is a great way to show how rules affect the naturalistic flow of writing. Pictures can be anything you want them to be. Here I see an image that encourages naturalistic writing. Tell your story to me means to get a pen and paper and go to town. Write and write with a large natural flow all about my story. To keep writing and to not stop until you have nothing left to say. Once you’ve written all you can then you can take a few rules and fix up some of the previously written errors. Just remember to write as much as you want the first time because you can always fix it later with the help of
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