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Have you ever heard of St. Francis of Assisi? Chances are that you most likely have heard of him. With that being said, if you were to ask any Catholic if they have ever heard of St. Clare of Assisi, you would have more people say no. Many would tell you that they have not heard of St. Clare. You could say that St. Francis is the more popular of the two saints even though they were both from the same place and had very similar lives. This is the very reason why I choose to research about St. Clare. Everybody is familiar with St. Francis, but not that many people know about the other saint from Assisi. St. Clare had an equally interesting life that revolved around poverty and piety which left a lasting impact on the Catholic religion. Born…show more content…
Clare lived a life that revolved around piety and poverty. Although it may seem like her life was solely focused on poverty, without piety she would not have focused on that. It is unbelievably fascinating to me that it was piety that caused her to drastically change her life. St. Clare was said to have had everything that anyone could possibly want when she was alive. In today’s world, all anybody strives to attain is money, power, and looks. St. Clare intrigued me because she had all of that, but yet she gave everything up for her devotion towards God. People think that once you have every materialistic thing you have ever wanted, you will be happy. St. Clare is the perfect example that shows that this belief is incorrect. Without God, a person will never be happy. It is obvious that St. Clare finally achieved true happiness when she was in extreme poverty, not when she had it all. It was her piety for God that made her adopt a life of poverty. Without her strong urge for a life devoted to God, she would not have given up all of her worldly possessions to become poor. If it was not for that then she would have kept on living her luxurious life. St. Clare most likely would have then married and had a family. Her need to devote her life to God was so strong that she gave up all of her possessions, her family, and her old way of life. This shows that in life on Earth all you really need is God. St. Clare gave up literally everything but she was still happy because she had God in her life. Her life makes me take a step back from everything that is going on in my life. I realized through her that nothing really matters besides my relationship with God. It may seem like at times the most important thing in my life may be having the best shoes, clothes, car, or phone. In reality, none of this materialistic stuff matters. None of this will get me to heaven. My relationship with God will. St. Clare’s story demonstrates that God should be our main priority in

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