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Did you ever dream of being a football star when you grew up? In my autobiography Paper Lion by George Plimpton. I have finished this book. This story focused on Plimptons career. It started talking about how all throughout high school Plimpton was a very good writer. He then went to college for writing. After college he became a sports writer for the New York Times. After many expressing concerns that his news stories were beginning to get boring he decided he was going to practice football and try out for a NFL Team. He was going to try and be a third string quarterback and write about what it was like. He was going to write in detail about what training camp is like and what is like to be a backup. He thought this story would interest…show more content…
One of the reasons why is I thought he had a very cool job which inspired me to want to have a similar job. Plimpton is a sports writer. For instance when explaining his job he said, “I get to go watch sports and write about what happens. There is no better job than this.”(page 135) This to me sounded really cool because I am really into sports and there seems nothing better than getting paid to go watch sports and write about. Another reason why I would want to be George Plimpton is because I looked up to his hard work and determination. This to me is something that I would want to be because I know that when you are determined to do something and are willing to work to your fullest potential it allows to do things to perfection. An instance in the story that made me look up to this character is “I am never going to stop going to training camps until a team sees my potential and will take me to be part of their team.”(page 195) This shows the hardwork and dedication that I looked up to in the character. The title of my book, Paper Lion, is an appropriate title in my opinion. I believe this because the paper in the title comes from the main characters job. The characters job in the story is writing sports articles for the newspaper in New York. For example, it said “I go to work everyday writing sports paper for the New York Times.”(page 34) The “Lion” in the title is appropriate because quite simply

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