Native American Vs Spanish Colonial Era

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In the time of the 1500’s to the 1800’s the settling of the Spanish was occurring in the lands of the Americas. To maintain control in the colonies they had conquered, they established a system of government. Their top down authoritarian government was seen as corrupt and as organized as many modern governments established today. The Spanish were discriminant against the Natives of lands they conquered and as well as made them less of human beings. Similarly Paraguay’s present day political and social culture is very much similar to that of the system during the Spanish colonial era. The Spanish Empire grew rapidly, despite efforts by other European countries to compete with Spain. By 1700, it controlled much of the Americas. Spain took several…show more content…
In places like New Mexico and California, the church built missions, settlements that included a church, a town, and farmlands. The goal of the missions was to convert Native Americans to Christianity. The missions also increased Spanish control over the land. Missionaries helped the Native Americans to create a better supply of food. They also offered Native Americans protection against enemies. Many Native Americans learned how to read and write in the missions. Others developed skills such as carpentry and metalworking. Over time, however, many Native Americans grew increasingly unhappy. The missionaries often worked them as if they were slaves. The missionaries also tried to replace Native American religions and traditions. As a result, some Native Americans ran away, while others rebelled. Some destroyed churches and killed missionaries. In 1680, a man named Popé led the Pueblo Indians in a rebellion against the Spanish. His forces surrounded the Spanish settlement at Santa Fe, in present-day New Mexico, and forced the colonists to flee. Popé ordered the churches and other Spanish buildings to be destroyed. He then tried to revive native customs that had been lost under Spanish rule. But before long, attacks from neighboring tribes weakened Pueblo control. In 1692, the Spanish regained control of Santa…show more content…
The legislative branch, called the Congress, is comprised of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Members of Congress are popularly elected from Paraguay's 17 departments, or states, for 5-year terms that coincide with the president's 5-year term. The president is chief executive and Commander in Chief of both the armed forces and the police. The judiciary includes a Supreme Court of 9 Supreme Court Justices, who are appointed by the president and the Senate for 5-year terms, which are renewable. Judges cannot be removed after 2 consecutive terms until they reach retirement age. The Supreme Court controls its own budget and heads a system of lower courts and magistrates. Additionally, the people in the 17 departments elect a governor and a departmental board, as well as local

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